Holistic Integrative Medicine

Sheppard Spine and Sports Clinic is pleased to work with Dr. Brenda Marshall, who is a physician in San Diego with 25 years of experience in holistic integrative medicine. Through a combination of integrative and traditional medicine, our clinic strives to uncover the root causes of medical conditions.

Then, we prescribe therapies designed to optimize health, decrease pain, and treat and prevent diseases. Rather than looking at various symptoms separately, our clinic reviews all findings and obtains a full, complete picture of your overall health and medical challenges. This is a total systems approach to healthcare that leads to better long term health results.

About Holistic Integrative Medicine

Holistic integrative medicine focuses on your entire person. It makes best use of all appropriate therapeutic techniques, healthcare professionals and healthcare disciplines to result in your optimal health and healing.

Holistic integrative medicine uses state of the art, conventional medicine as well as alternative therapies that are carefully chosen by your healthcare practitioner for best results. The end goal is to offer the very best that conventional medicine provides, as well as other healing therapies and healing systems.

Holistic integrative medicine generally consists three concentric circles that comprise the major elements of ideal health:

  • Mindfulness: At the heart of your health is mindfulness. This is the practice of keeping alert to your mental, social, spiritual and physical states. This awareness allows you to recognize health symptoms as they present themselves. It is when symptoms first emerge when they are easiest to treat.
  • Self-care: People should be encouraged to explore the interplay of the ways that they may provide care for themselves and to devise proactive strategies to maintain or improve health. Some of the most critical areas of self-care are the physical environment, relationships, movement and exercise, nutrition, mind body connection and personal growth/spirituality.
  • Professional care: Becoming aware of symptoms early on is critical to the proper diagnosis of health problems when they are at their most treatable. Professional care can include pharmaceuticals, supplements, preventive medicine and various conventional medical treatments, as well as complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies.

Common CAM Therapies

Your Sheppard Spine and Sports Clinic healthcare professional will work with you to determine the best complementary and alternative therapies that may be appropriate for your medical condition. Possibilities include:

  • Acupuncture: This is the insertion of thin needles into the skin at highly specific points to manipulate how energy flows through the body. NIH states that acupuncture is effective to treat some types of pain, vomiting and nausea. Acupuncture also may be effective to treat asthma, menstrual cramps and osteoarthritis. Conventional medicine states that acupuncture provides stimulation for the nervous system, which releases special chemicals that alter our perception of pain.
  • Biofield therapies: These are techniques that attempt to tap into the healing energy of the body. Biofield therapies are types of energy medicine and include healing touch, reiki, qigong and polarity therapy.
  • Guided imagery: This is a visualization technique that teaches you to focus on positive mental images. It is based upon the belief that the mind can change how the body functions. Guided imagery can promote relaxation, reduce stress and generally help the mind to improve the body’s health.
  • Yoga: This is an ancient practice that can unify mind and body. Most Westerners are familiar with hatha yoga, which emphasizes breathing, physical postures and meditation, but there are many types of yoga that can be used to improve health and fitness. Yoga seeks to balance and integrate the body, mind and spirit, and to boost energy flow. In turn, this can stimulate your body’s natural healing abilities.
  • Mindfulness techniques: This refers to our moment to moment awareness. It allows us to engage fully in the moment of the present, life’s fullness and to utilize their full complement of inner resources to heal, adapt and grow. Through meditation techniques, it is possible to grow skills that allow you to deeply relax, which can ultimately promote healing and wellness.

Why Holistic Integrative Medicine?

Studies indicate that many people use holistic integrative medicine because they think it is better aligned with their values, philosophies and beliefs – more so than a strictly conventional medical approach to health and wellness.

The benefit of this type of medicine has been shown in clinical studies. A study done by Duke Integrative Medicine showed that patients who participated in integrative medicine programs had more significant health benefits than those who chose only conventional medical treatments. Your healthcare professional at Sheppard Spine and Sports Clinic will work with you to create a unique, holistic integrative medicine treatment program that is ideal for treating your entire mind and body for the best health results.


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