Low Level Laser Therapy Treatment

Sheppard Spine And Sports Clinic is pleased to offer deep tissue laser therapy – the highest level of pain relief with the Erchonia Cold Laser and Biolase Class 4 Laser for Deep Tissue Therapy. Below is more information about this advanced pain treatment program.

Class 4 deep laser therapy acts directly upon the area where cells have been damaged. This laser therapy works as a form of internal massage. It encourages red blood cell microcirculation to the damaged tissue, which leads to better oxygenation. This, in turn, reduces your pain and inflammation and enhances the ability of your body to heal itself. The soothing, healing effects of the deep tissue laser therapy can be effective on muscle, tissue, ligaments, and bone.

Laser therapy also stimulates the production of the cytochrome oxidase enzyme. This helps with the healing and regeneration of tissues. Other benefits of deep tissue laser therapy include the following:

Reduces Pain and Inflammation with No Side Effects

Laser therapy features a process known as photobiomodulation. Photons penetrate the tissue, which causes a boost in cellular metabolism and a reduction in pain and inflammation. A major benefit of this treatment is that it will reduce your pain without the unpleasant side effects of medication. Patients also report that their pain relief is long-lasting. The number of treatments needed for optimum pain relief will vary based upon the severity of your condition, but many patients obtain long-lasting relief after only a few treatments.

Effective for Acute and Chronic Pain

Laser therapy is effective to treat acute conditions, but it is most effective when it is given as soon as possible after your injury; it should not, however, be used if you are experiencing active hemorrhaging. The faster the degree of inflammation is reduced, the sooner the healing process will start. For acute injuries, laser therapy is effective in restoring your body to regular functions faster.

For chronic conditions, laser therapy is often helpful to reduce long term pain and inflammation. Erchonia Cold Laser and Biolase Class 4 Laser for Deep Tissue Therapy is especially effective to reduce inflammation quickly for patients who have chronic pain. This laser treatment is very well suited to chronic pain conditions because it allows the therapist to treat a wider area, while still delivering relevant dosages.

Treatments Can Be Customized

Lasers that have bigger power ranges offer you more versatile options for treatment. A laser that may be set to function from 0.5 W as high as 25 W allows the therapist to treat the affected area at a low dose, or at maximum output. It is important to have several options for delivery to ensure that the delivery is well matched for your medical condition.

For example, when a treatment is being performed over a bony area, off-contact treatment is often the best method. However, when treating a deep tissue area, such as a hamstring, a more direct treatment is often best to reduce scattering and reflection.

Treatments Cause No Pain

Depending upon the type of laser used, the treatment will either create little to no sensation at all, or a soothing, gentle warming feeling. Many patients of Sheppard Spine And Sports Clinic report that they enjoyed the treatment sessions. Patients who receive stronger treatments with higher powered laser doses report a rapid reduction in pain.

Treatments Are Quick

Treatments are usually done quickly, with 5-10 minutes being typical. This will depend on the size, depth and acuteness of the medical condition you have. High-powered lasers can deliver a high amount of energy quickly, so therapeutic sessions are usually brief.

Treatable Conditions with Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Laser therapy treatment can be effective on a variety of acute and chronic health conditions, including:

  • Upper and lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Sprained ankle
  • Groin strain
  • Pulled hamstring or other muscle
  • Shin splints
  • ACL tear
  • Patellofemoral syndrome
  • Tennis elbow

If you are suffering from one of the above injuries, it is advised to receive treatment with class 4 deep laser therapy. These lasers have the power to penetrate deep into your injured tissues and can deliver fast pain relief, as well as begin the healing process.

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Treat Low Back Pain

How the Erchonia Low Level Laser Helps Treat Low Back Pain

Treat Foot Pain

How the Erchonia Low Level Laser Helps Treat Foot Pain

At Sheppard Spine And Sports Clinic, we use the Erchonia Cold Laser and Biolase Class 4 Laser that provide the best treatment for most athletic and related injuries.


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