Orthopedic Rehabilitation with CHEK

Sheppard Spine and Sports Clinic has CHEK practitioners who have the skill and knowledge to devise the best high-performance exercise program to achieve the best results from your injury. This complete form of rehabilitation has been proven to benefit the mind, body and spirit of countless patients.

CHEK foundation principles for health and well being consist of the following for your optimum health and program results. Your CHEK practitioner at our clinic will work with you to optimize any one of these foundation principles for your success:

  • Thoughts: The body’s biology is connected to the mind – healthy thinking will always produce a healthy body
  • Movement: Movement is essential for life; it removes waste, pumps life-giving blood into your organs, boosts metabolism and increases energy
  • Nutrition: Organic and wholesome foods will fuel your body to better recovery and success
  • Breathing: Breathing optimally provides the body with the most vital nutrient – oxygen – which energizes the body and removes waste
  • Hydration: The best way to cleanse the body is to drink plenty of water
  • Sleep: Strength comes not from working out but from proper rest. Eight full hours of sleep per night is essential for full repair and rest

CHEK qualifications that are earned by your personal trainer take their knowledge to a higher level.

The program provides trainers with a much higher understanding of the functions and dysfunctions of the human body, through the full assessment of factors that include movement, posture and lifestyle.

CHEK qualified practitioners have:

  • An expert knowledge level of how the body moves and responds when it is not in balance, and how it properly moves and responds when it is in proper balance.
  • A reputation as some of the most qualified personal trainers in the world; they have undergone training that is typically far beyond recognized standards in the US and Europe.

What CHEK Can Do For You

The C.H.E.K program will provide you with a highly individualized exercise program, with an integration of mind-body fitness as well as a traditional exercise program that is tailored to your individual needs. Depending upon your injuries, health condition and specific exercise needs, your CHEK practitioner may utilize Tai Chi, weight training, cardiovascular conditioning or many other forms of exercise to achieve best program results.

The CHEK program at Sheppard Spine and Sports Clinic features a unique system to assess the physiological load to determine the level of emotional and physical stress that is placed upon your body.

This system has a demonstrated record of success in maximizing the function and overall well being for our clients.

What Rehabilitation Can Do For You

After an injury or medical problem, your body is probably limited in its ability to function and move normally. A customized rehabilitation routine, such as the CHEK program, can help you to return to your original level of function. It also will encourage you to adopt a lifestyle and activities that can prevent you from having injuries in the future. Below are some of the benefits of rehabilitation that you can enjoy through a CHEK program at Sheppard Spine and Sports Clinic:

  • Reduce or entirely eliminate pain. The various therapeutic exercises of the CHEK program as well as the manual therapy including soft tissue and joint mobilization and treatments can assist in relieving you of pain. Muscle and joint function also can be improved to reduce pain.
  • Avoid having surgery. If your rehabilitation program can assist in reducing pain or even heal the injury entirely, this can prevent you from needing surgery. Even if you need to still have surgery, these treatments and therapies can help you to go into the operation in better condition so you can recover more quickly.
  • Improve balance and avoid falls. If you are at a higher risk for having a fall, your practitioner will help you with exercises to enhance coordination so you can walk safely.
  • Manage diabetes. As part of your diabetes management routine, various exercises can help to control your blood sugar level.
  • Enhance mobility. If you have difficulty walking, moving or standing, a rehabilitation program such as CHEK can benefit you. Stretching and strengthening routines, for example, can increase your ability to move comfortably. Your CHEK practitioner can tailor your treatment plan – whether it is Tai Chi, weight training, cardio, etc. – to your specific needs so that you can achieve as much normal function as possible.
  • Prevent or recover from sports injuries. Various sports can boost your chance for serious injuries, such as knee sprains, back injuries and stress fractures. A proper rehabilitation program can help you to recover from or even prevent these injuries.
  • Manage issues related to age. As you age, you may develop osteoporosis, arthritis or even need a joint replacement. Your CHEK practitioner can help you to recover from joint replacement and to manage arthritis conditions through a combination of traditional and alternative therapies.
  • Manage diseases of the heart and lungs. Patients usually receive cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack or a major surgery. But you also may receive rehabilitation and therapy afterwards if your daily ability to function has been compromised. For heart and lung problems, rehabilitation can improve your strength, stamina and conditioning. Breathing exercises can be implemented that clear lung fluid and increase the capacity of the lungs.
  • Manage women’s health issues. Women have health concerns that are specific to them related to their reproductive organs, as well as pregnancy and postpartum care. Rehabilitation and therapy through the CHEK program can help issues that concern women’s health, such as constipation, fibromyalgia, pelvic pain, and urinary and bowel incontinence.


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